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What Makes The Difference?

When I just started working, I was struggling with my finances. I was earning a comfortable income and yet I was still living paycheck to paycheck. I was still constantly stressed about my money matters.


As an ambitious young man, I was obsessed with finding the secrets to a wealthy life.


Have you ever wondered, as I have, how some people seems to have it all, while others struggle to even pay the bills? Is it luck, talent or dedication? Is it because one person desires success but the other doesn’t?


No! I discovered the key difference usually lies in what each person knows, AND how he or she uses that knowledge.

Frustrated with the lack of available TRUE information, I started on a little project to investigate the Rules of Wealth-building.


I interviewed and investigated two different groups of people (50 pax each):

Group A

High-income earners who somehow were still living paycheck to paycheck and struggling financially.

Group B

Average-income earners who actually achieved financial freedom and are living stress-free lives.

Here’s the question:

Why is Group B even more wealthy even though Group A earns significantly more?


After taking a deep-dive analysis of the financial habits of both groups…


I discovered a common set of rules that Group B was abiding closely that Group A was totally ignoring.


I broke these core wealth principles down into a repeatable framework with easy actionable steps…

And through years of fine-tuning, I am able to use this framework to help my clients accumulate multi-million portfolios and live financially fulfilling lives.


This systematic framework for wealth-building is called Financial Fortress™

Your Financial Fortress

A Systematic Approach To Predictable Wealth


Master the game. Discover the Psychology of Millionaires and core investment strategies so you can profit from any economic conditions.


Build your financial empire that lasts for generations by strategic cashflow investments and eliminating unnecessary risk.


The road to financial wealth can be fun and fulfilling too. We don’t believe in “settling” and delay living your life until you are too old to enjoy.

From Foolproof Strategy To Flawless Execution

Predictable Wealth Can Be Achieved By Taking Very Specific Steps:


FORTRESS LAUNCHPADThis is your crash course to become an insider about how finance and investing works. We tackle the common mistakes and pitfalls 95% of us make while trying to manage our finances.  We stop you from bleeding money so you have the foundation ready for the next phase.


TRADEMARKED WEALTH FORMULA – FINANCIAL FORTRESSOur proprietary formula is responsible for millions of dollars in our clients’ portfolios. But no individuals are identical. What works for others, may not work for you. This is where we use our private analysis tools to custom-tailor your wealth blueprint to your specific desires and dreams.


CUSTOMISED BLUEPRINT – YOUR FORTRESS GUARDIANYou will have your own dedicated team of wealth professionals executing your customised wealth blueprint. Smart people don’t do everything themselves, they hire experts smarter than them to do the hard work for them. This is how high net-worth individuals build a lasting legacy.

New Wealth Management Solution That Works

(Without The High-end Price Tag)

Multiply Your Cashflow

We help you maximise every single dollar in your portfolio. So you can build strong cash reserves for multiple needs including investing, vacations, emergencies or stress-free retirement.

Stay Ahead Of The Curve

You will get complimentary access to our private events and online courses, so you have access to the latest investing news and strategies.

Profit From Any Market Condition

Our results-based investing strategies ensure that you always gain healthy returns even during an economic downturn.

Tap Into Our Private Esteemed Network

Leverage our network of high net-worth clientele including doctors, lawyers and business owners. Expand your network via private introductions or our exclusive invitation-only events.

Eliminate Financial Stress

Your personal team of dedicated experts will grow your portfolio and manage your finances on autopilot. So you can sip your martini in Maldives without worry.

Leverage The Latest Technology

Your dedicated wealth team uses the latest algorithms 

For Working Professionals With Big Dreams

Hi, my name is Trent Ng, the creator of Financial Fortress. In 2012, I was one of the youngest financial managers ever promoted in Asia. Since then, I have helped hundreds of working professionals achieved financial independence.

Does this sound familiar?

In our busy daily lives, it is easy to get stuck in the day-to-day mundane and lose sight of our initial hopes and dreams which inspired us. We settle for “comfortable and stable” lives. But deep down, we know that we are stuck in the rat race because we can never afford to quit our jobs.

In the meantime, we scroll through social media with envy at our peers who go on exotic overseas trips.

Never settle.

Let’s face it. Most “financial advice” out there are mediocre and incomplete. Something is always “missing”.

The Financial Fortress formula is designed as a foolproof complete system to help you break the chains. We help you solve your “money problems”, so you can rekindle and focus on your big dreams. 

Because we all only have one life. And if we spent the most of our time chasing money, have we truly lived?




“​Ryan has been giving me financial advice for the last few years. His advice and knowledge have been focused and straight to the point. This includes the Supplementary Retirement Scheme, short-term investments, planning for my kids’ education and full financial planning for my family.

Many advisers approached me all the time but most of them did not give an in-depth planning for my whole family. Ryan however showed excellent understanding of his field.

Most importantly, his vast knowledge is backed by his credible experience in investing. This is the main reason I decided to do all my investing with him.


I trust him with my assets because his honesty, integrity and reliability is a rare commodity in his line of work. Few advisers I know really look out for their clients the same way he does. I usually refrain from making recommendations, especially when it comes to money matters. In this case, however, I have no problems recommending Ryan.

Jasmine (Marketing Manager)



“Kim Sun has been my financial consultant for two years now, and I only have one word for his services, “Impeccable“. 

He is always patient to guide me when I am unsure or ill-informed. He has spent countless hours coaching and educating me without any obligation. He gave me valuable insights on my financial health, and helped me make better decisions and plans for my financial well-being.

Last year, I was hospitalised for an extended period of time due to an accident. Kim Sun took time off from his busy schedule to ensure that my bills are covered and even visited me at my ward to check on my well-being.

He is always goes the extra mile to ensure that his client’s interests are met and well taken care of. His ability and services has won my trust. Thank you for your excellent service!” 

Shane Lau (Air Force Pilot)



“My financial advisor, Matthew, manages my financial portfolio with great proficiency. He always addresses my concerns and needs.

It is refreshing to have a financial advisor who is truly interested in their client’s needs, circumstances and preferences.

His integrity, expertise and client-first mentality earn my trust and respect. highly recommend Matthew as your trusted financial advisor.

Rudy Ng (Gaming Analytics – Development Team Leader)

Closed To The General Public

The Financial Fortress program not available anywhere else and is by invitation only. This is because we need to know with absolute certainty that we can help you, before working with you.

If you want to see if this program is right for you, please click the link below.

There is nothing for sale and you are not committing to anything. It’s just a few simple discovery questions to see if Financial Fortress is the solution to financial independence you are looking for.



Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What happens after I apply?

After we received your application, our customer care team will contact you within 2 to 3 working days to find out more about you. Our team may meet you in person to share more about the Financial Fortress program.

Why should I choose Financial Fortress instead of other financial services on the market?

Financial Fortress is the only complete wealth management solution on the market based on a proven trademarked formula. There is literally no other program like this that guarantees financial independence.

How much is this program?

We have a transparent fee structure for our wealth management services. Our partnership will always be very profitable for you. (For e.g., would you pay $500 to earn $10,000?)

Who is this program for?

While everybody deserves financial independence, we are best able to help working professionals willing to use investing as a tool to elevate their financial statuses.

Didn’t find the answer you’re looking for?

If you have any questions, kindly email us at “”.

Money Should Be A Tool To Allow Us To Live Our Greatest Potential

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