To Hardworking People Who Want To Quit Work Some Day

Do you want rock-bound financial security and freedom?Do you want to grow passive income streams that are good enough to cover your daily expenses?So that you have moreoptions and freedom… and can quit your job anytime you want?This is addressed to the thousands of hardworking Singaporeans who want to take things easier someday.It tells how these people (by following a simple, definite plan) can provide for themselves in later years with a guaranteed passive income they cannot outlive.

But First…

According to Straits Times, 80% of Singaporeans are worried about growing old because we are unsure about how to invest or prepare our retirement fund.And according to the International “Cost of Living” Index, Singapore is rapidly becoming one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in.This is frustrating because according to the Ministry of Manpower, Singaporeans also work the longest working hours in the world (even more than Japan).It is sad that even when we work so hard, we still face terrible financial uncertainties.

Are Hidden Fees And Charges Killing Your Investments?

Tony Robbins, financial guru and author of “Money: Master the Game”, stated that one of the reasons why many investment funds fail is due to hidden fees.

Imagine three friends (David, Tyler and Joe) each invest $100,000 into threedifferentinvestmentfunds.

For the sake of argument, these three funds performed equally and each earned 8% annually. So thirty years later, they met again to compare their earnings.

But they also realised that they were paying different fees to their respective funds. They were paying annual fees of 3%, 2% and 1% respectively.

And the impact on their actual earnings was profound:

Image from “America’s Best 401(k)”

With just a 2% fee difference, Joe had almost twice of David’s earnings.

Are You Currently Investing In A Mutual Fund Or Unit Trust But Still Disappointed By The Earnings?

Chances are… your investments are actually earning but it is non-existent by the time it trickles down into your pocket.

Somehow everyone else gets paid first before you… even though it is YOUR capital.

Demand More From Your Investments

Mercer, an expert New York investment giant, is starting a new investment fund in Singapore and as part of their special launch promotion… there are currently ZERO sales fees and charges*.

(*Approved by Monetary Authority of Singapore. And there is a small minimal administration fee for the first few years to help sustain ongoing operations.)

How it works:

Mercer’s expert investing team will help youchoose stocks and bonds based on your riskappetite and financial goals.

So that you know your capital is working harder for you and you get to keep ALL of your earnings (because… ZERO fees and charges!).

There is no other mutual fund/unit trust like this out there on the market.

If you have invested in unit trusts for the last 5 years and are disappointed with the results, stop letting the bank fees kill your earnings and profits.

Because I guarantee… you are paying at least 1 to 3% fees annually​​​!

(You can check your investment plan’s terms & conditions if you don’t believe me.)

Tap Into 42 Years of Investing Experience

Start with as little as $200/month

Mercer has a proven investment track record and is currently already managing an investment portfolio of $10.2 trillion (1 trillion = 1000 billion). 

Start investing smarter today, so your earnings can support the lifestyle you deserve

…and give you more freedom and options in your life.

Stop investing in mediocre mutual funds/unit trusts which make everyone else (e.g. your banker, your agent) richer but you.

Don’t Let Your Mistake Today Threaten Your Financial Wealth Tomorrow

To find out more, book a wealth strategy session today to check if this investment fund is right for you.


P.S. As a limited-time-only bonus, we are also providing Critical Illness Support.

This means even if you unfortunately become critically ill, you would not need to worry. Your monthly investments would be made by us out of a special fund provided for that purpose.

So you can finally relieve yourself of your financial stress and burden and make your biggest money worries disappear

To find out more about this rareopportunity, schedule a wealth strategy session today.

Disclaimer: This new investment fund from Mercer is approved by Monetary Authority of Singapore.

About the Author

In 2012, Trent Ng became one of the youngest financial manager ever promoted in Asia. Years later, he founded Virtus Associates, a boutique financial consultancy firm based in Singapore. Since then, his team has helped many clients build winning 7-figure investment portfolios through his trademarked wealth management formula, "Financial Fortress".

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