Success Is Never By Chance, There Is A Formula

Socrates once mentioned: “Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.”

The team at Virtus Associates (VA) will make you wonder about your potential and even help you achieve it.

“How will they do that ?” You may ask.

The answer is three-fold.

Values. Guidance. Camaraderie.

“But being an insurance agent is tough these days!” 

Fret not. You will succeed at Virtus because they don’t just teach you how to peddle insurance policies. Instead, you will learn the broader concept of financial planning, that is – financial independence. 

At Virtus, financial services consultants hold steadfastly to the value of financial independence.

This is their foundation from which the trust of clients is gained, which ensures quality financial advice is provided to clients, who are equally motivated to manage their finances effectively.

These are elements that allow Virtus Associates to soar in the financial planning industry.

They are therefore aiming to obtain a smaller, but more committed clientele to work alongside their advisors.

With their replicable high-income model, which will be taught to their advisors, it is guaranteed that the advisors at Virtus Associates will achieve financial freedom. 

Advisors will learn that insurance is a key vehicle to achieve financial independence.

All that is required of you?

Hard work and a positive learning attitude. You will need to have a thirst for success.

Apart from the mandatory standards that financial advisors have to go through, Virtus Associates has a rigorous programme that will challenge you and push you to your highest potential.

With highly experienced and skilled consultants as trainers, you will be taught the trademarked concepts about financial planning, proven to be a success for clients.

What’s more, you will be mentored by directors regarding financial planning knowledge and fundamentals.

That’s not all! Senior advisors will be assigned to new recruits in their training activities. You will also be thoroughly guided to ensure the highest probability of success.

With the skills, you can have sustainable success and business longevity in just 365 days.

How will you see success? Simple. Through data.

In an increasingly digitized workforce, we believe that the financial planning industry is no exception. The Virtus Associates team does not operate based on perceptions. They function with facts.

Your performance will be measured and tracked with data and systems.

Your mentors and leaders will then coach and guide you with those data. With the information, your strengths and weaknesses are revealed with precision and accuracy.

This helps you to address your gaps and improve on your career. Success is therefore replicable through the use of data and systems. Of course, with all the innovative solutions in place, camaraderie is another key ingredient to success.

The Virtus Associates team ensures all financial consultants work harmoniously and with synergy.

With the rules and infrastructures in place, values of teamwork and cooperation are enforced and instilled. At Virtus Associates, camaraderie is not a soundbite, it is a reality.

Finally, for the more ambitious of the lot, the VA365 programme gives you a foundation for you to advance your profile and go on a managerial track.

You may opt to participate in VA500 where you will take another 135 days to enhance your leadership capabilities.

With all the systems, infrastructure and personnel in place at the Virtus Associates team, it is almost too hard to fail.

This is why the Virtus Associates team currently has nearly double the retention rate for all our advisors compared to industry standards.

Take a few minutes to find out more about Virtus Associates by registering here.

A few minutes does not cost you much. Think of it this way: You are only a couple of minutes away from potentially discovering your gift and calling.

About the Author

Tim Wayne is the chief writer at Elite Financial Habits. He understands that the rich didn't grow their wealth using magic; it is simply an intelligent combination of mathematics, psychology and economics.

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