How This Ex-civil Servant Made A Successful Career Change So He Has More Time & Money To Travel The World

Kim Sun was stuck in an unrewarding job as a civil servant for five long years.

The hours were long but he couldn’t complain. After all, he was one of the “lucky ones” with a stable government job which helped to pay the bills and feed his family. 

But he was unhappy and unsatisfied with his career. The workload was always increasing but the career progression was minimal.

Have you ever felt this way?

It was even worse when he started dreading Mondays and dragged his feet to his soul-sucking job every morning. The same cycle repeats every day and it was affecting him emotionally.

He wanted  something different but he was unsure of what else to do.

Despite his uncertainties, Kim Sun wanted a better lifeā€¦ a better future. He was unwilling to settle. He wanted to start his own business so he could have the lifestyle and freedom he desired, but he had no capital and no experience.

But one day, Kim Sun decided to join Virtus Associates and start his own financial consultancy business.It was challenging at first because he had no prior sales experience but with the 1-on-1 mentorship and intensive business coaching provided, Kim Sun was able to quickly grow his business within the first year.

He made almost a quarter of a million dollars in his first 12 months.

Here was how he did it:

Kim Sun & his wife in Paris

1) Proven Framework

Kim Sun gone through a step-by-step training program at Virtus Associates which helped him accelerate his career. He had experiencedmentors to guide him as he scale his six-figure business. The same program has helped many financial advisors before him build a profitable and successful financial advisory business.

2) More than just “selling insurance”

He followed a trademarked wealth management formula, FinancialFortress, to helped his clients grow 7-figure investment portfolios.

3) Mission over commission

The only sustainable way for any business to thrive is to provide genuine world-class value and services to their clients. Kim Sun always demonstrates competency and put his clients’ needs above his. He serves with his clients’ best intentions in mind. And this is how his business grew rapidly via word of mouth.

Fast forward to today…

Kim Sun on YES 93.3 FM radio show

Besides earning comfortable 5-figures a month through his financial advisory business, Kim Sun is also one of the trainers at Virtus Associates. He has helped many individuals replicate his results and make the radical career change to become a successful financial advisor.

They learnt how to work smarter with insider business strategies, so they can enjoy flexible working hours while earning an income 2 to 3 times higher than their previous salary.

Kim Sun and the rest of the team now enjoy better work-life balance while living the lifestyles they deserve.

Company Retreat at Maldives

Victory is sweet but it is not easy.

Let’s face it, there is a strong social stigma in Singapore against financial advisors. This is because many “advisors” hard-sell products and services to chase monthly sales targets.

Truth to be told, there is a smarter and better way to build a successful financial consultancy business. A business that your family and friends can be proud of.

Where would you be one year later?

Would you still be stuck at the same spot? 

Or would you be enjoying a more fulfilling career with faster career progression and growth

Would you build a legacy your family and friends are proud of?

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P.S. Being a Virtus financial advisor is different from the traditional financial advisors you meet on the road.

Isn’t now the best time to work hard and work smart? While you are still young and able. So you and your family can enjoy a life of luxury and comfort.Don’t let your ignorance and limiting beliefs stagnant your career growth Don’t wait till you are too old and start regretting.

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About the Author

In 2012, Trent Ng became one of the youngest financial manager ever promoted in Asia. Years later, he founded Virtus Associates, a boutique financial consultancy firm based in Singapore. Since then, his team has helped many clients build winning 7-figure investment portfolios through his trademarked wealth management formula, "Financial Fortress".

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