5 Ways To Work Smarter & Faster Without Working Overtime in 2018

#1 Find Great Mentors

Figure out where the absolute best person to work for would be, and go work for them.

No one talks about this enough.

Especially when you are starting out in your profession – you get better by learning from the best.  

You don’t have to be passionate about the product you are selling. You don’t have to be in the most glamorous industry. You don’t have to work for the company with the best “brand” identity or reputation in your chosen field. 

Few things are as valuable as  working for somebody that is willing t to teach you anything and everything they know.

You’ll experience tremendous personal and professional growth if you have the best person mentoring you, and that’s where real personal fulfilment and satisfaction happens.

Talk to anyone in any industry who is happy and successful, and they’ll be quick to point you to one or more critical people who mentored them along the way and helped mould them into the person they are today.

In other words, find your Yoda.

#2 Nobody knows

I was hitting a wall with my work, so I reached out to a mentor named Jeff who was doing very well in my industry and asked to grab coffee together.After we finished our coffee and our coversation, here’s what I said to him:“Jeff, that’s the most boring piece of advice I’ve ever been given. But it’s the most important thing I’ve ever heard.”What did he say to me?During our talk, I asked Jeff about different aspects of our jobs in crazy amounts of detail.

I was in pursuit of a holy grail of answers that would unlock the key to growing any company super quickly.Instead, I discovered something completely different.After I rattled off the list of detailed questions and finally asked Jeff was his secret was, he responded with an answer that completely caught me off guard:

“Always remember that nobody else has any idea what they are doing.”

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In that moment, everything finally clicked for me.The most successful people haven’t figured out any crazy secrets. They just do a few things a lot better than other people:

  • They try harder
  • They fail more often
  • They don’t let imposter syndrome slow them down
  • There is no point in time where you finally feel like you’ve made it

And in some capacity, everyone is faking it.So, if you’re worried about people finding out that you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, remember one thing:Nobody else does either. 🙂

So don’t let that feeling stop you from doing what you want.


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#3 Respect yourself

This was originally relationship advice given to me by a friend but as you tell, it is easily applicable and makes senses in all areas of daily life.

“If you go somewhere where you aren’t respected, it means you don’t respect yourself.” – A very wise friend

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I have a friend (let’s call him David) who used to work in a toxic workplace environment. The office was plagued with office politics and his superiors picked on him for petty reasons.After dreading work everyday and slogging himself to work for 3 long years, he finally gathered enough courage to find another job elsewhere.He hated his office. But why did he wait for 3 long years before deciding to leave?Where we end up is our own decision, whether we make it consciously or not.In order to be respected by others, you need to respect yourself first.

#4  Fill out the application

Because sometimes your fears of opportunity are the only actual thing preventing you from getting your dream job, that business loan or a new home.

Sometimes you sit and scroll through the jobs website a dozen times thinking that you don’t want to face the fear of rejection and you never do it.

Sometimes you think to yourself what if they were to hire you, but things still go wrong after that.

Sometimes you think about the change in your life and what it might mean.

Sometimes you might turn out to be more scared of the change than you are with the situation you want so badly to change.

What if your next job sucks too?

Sometimes the best things in life are huge and terrifying, different and drenched with change, but they require you to take that step in that one magical moment.

 You click that button, fill out that form, make the call, send the email.

Take the chance, take the risk and fail.

Fail until you finally get the call back.

Take that chance until you find happiness.

Or you’ll never find it.

#5 Skill, knowledge, abilities and experience are only useful if you are at the right place

Otherwise you will just waste these along with your time and opportunities.

This awesome advice was given to me by one of my mentors in my previous job. He went on to explain this with a very beautiful story which makes this advice very intuitive.

There was a camel and its baby.

One day, the baby asked its mother, “Why do camels have hump?”.

The mother replied, “Son, so that we can store water and survive while traveling through the desert”.

Baby became happy, but then asked, “what about our long legs and rounded feet?”

Mother said, “So that we can walk better than anyone else in the desert!”.

The baby finally asked, “What about our long eyelashes?”.

The mother now raised her chest in pride, and replied, “they protect our eyes from sand and wind!”

The baby looked very confused now.

The mother asked, “what happened son?”

The baby replied, “we have hump for storing water in desert, long legs to walk easily in desert and eyelashes to cover our eyes in desert. Then my dear mom, what are we doing in this ZOO!?” 

Remember, you may be the fastest cheetah ever, but you’ll still get drown alive if you compete in the sea.

Always match your unique abilities to the right opportunities.

What’s next?

Be more strategic in your career.

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