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May 2017 – Elite Financial Habits

Monthly Archives: May 2017

How I Converted The Customers At My Online Clothing Store Into Raving Fans in 5 Simple Steps

Sometimes we like to overcomplicate our businesses and chase the latest sexy marketing tactics. In the end, we get distracted and forget that the fundamentals are timeless and universal. If we simply master the fundamentals, we can run a profitable business regardless of the economy and the latest hot trend.​ Mickey Salageanu is an online marketing expert and he shares […]

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4 Hidden Disadvantages of the Young & Ambitious

You know the young & ambitious – those who just started their professional careers and out to conquer the world. They think that anything is possible for them, as long as they work hard and do their best. But little do they know… there are 4 hidden disadvantages that secretly hinder their progress and make their lives much more difficult than […]

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How Even Millionaires Can Lose Everything – 10 Money-sucking Mistakes To Avoid

​There is a viral video on Facebook by an entrepreneur sharing his story of how he was still broke despite earning a high-income salary. Only when he realised what his mistakes ​were and changed his mindset and habits, did his financial health start to improve. Watch the video here:Make These Mistakes and You’ll Go BrokeA lack of financial […]

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